Our Approach

Premier Homes of the Carolinas is the Modular Housing Authority. With over 30 years’ experience, we look forward to helping you find, design and move into your new Modular Home. We will coordinate everything needed to move into your new Modular Home including designing your custom home and finding the perfect home site (or we can place it on land you already own). In addition, we will manage permits, construction and installation, giving you a satisfying turn-key experience.

Premier Homes is the exclusive retailer representative for Palm Harbor Homes in Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, as well as an authorized retailer for Nationwide Homes. Premier Homes of the Carolinas is a member of the Asheville Home Builder’s Association, and the North Carolina Manufactured and Modular Home Builder’s Association.

The Premier Advantage

  • All aspects of the construction process are controlled
  • Well-designed off-site construction ensures cost assurance.
  • Since your home is constructed in a building, under cover, weather does not interfere with the construction process and/or cause delays
  • Inventory is controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage
  • All designers, engineers, craftsmen and assemblers are on the same team and are professionally supervised
  • All construction materials, as well as interior features and appliances are purchased in volume for additional savings
  • Cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced
  • Modular homes are financed using conventional mortgage products and are viewed exactly the same as site-built homes in construction codes and zoning laws
  • All aspects of construction are continually inspected by not one, but several third-party inspectors
  • Modular homes come with all the features that you would find in a site-built home and can be custom built using the latest in computer-assisted design

The Premier Difference

Advanced process

You can build the home of your choice using the latest building technology, in a controlled factory environment by specially trained workers protected from untimely weather delays. The modular building process begins at the design phase. Modular producers use state of the art computer aided design programs to customize floor plans and produce drawings and material requirement lists.

Controlled setting

Once designed, the building process begins. A site-built home is built “on-site” using traditional building techniques that meet either local or state building codes. Modular homes are also built to the same building codes in a given jurisdiction making them the same as site built homes for zoning, financing, appraisal, and value.  Modular Homes are also built with the same building materials as site built homes, but in a modern controlled environment where they are precision engineered and where quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process.


Today’s modular homes are energy efficient. When a home leaves the factory it is ENERGY STAR® ready and meets the guidelines for energy efficiency set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This means they are 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the latest International Residential Code and include additional energy-saving features that make them 20-30% more efficient than standard homes. An eco-friendly home has greater value, saves on utility bills, improves air quality and more importantly, preserves the environment and resources for future generations.

Greater value

Modular homes are built in factories and benefit from the assembly line production process and economy of scale. Because they purchase huge quantities of lumber, sheet rock, carpet, paint, etc., at one time, they pay much less and pass that savings on to you. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsmen moving between workstations on the factory floor. When you add up all the labor, material and time savings inherent in the modular building process, you will find that in most cases, the price of a modular home is lower than a site built home of comparable size. The savings will continue year after year as your precision engineered, energy efficient home, is less costly to maintain.

The Premier Delivery

Delivery StripQuality and efficiency

Systems built homes are built better, faster and stronger than traditional on-site construction homes. Since each home is built in a central location, there are never any wasted time and fuel costs getting workers to an isolated job site. Much of the lumber is precut, so there is less waste, and the excess lumber is recycled or used in other areas of the construction process. On-site construction is also disruptive to families, neighborhoods, and the environment.

Assurance of strength

Controlled environment manufacturing allows homes to be built from the inside out; drywall seams, outlet joints and other openings are sealed airtight before enclosing them in the outer walls. This construction process enables our homes to be subjected to quality assurance inspections that are far more detailed and frequent than would be economically feasible on site, resulting in a structure that stands up better to both weather and time. Finally, a modular home must be strong enough to withstand being lifted by a crane and transported to the homesite. Not many on-site built homes could survive that test.

Shortened construction schedule

Traditional on-site construction can take an average six to eighteen months. Waiting for a home can present a myriad of complications and challenges. Needless to say, it can severely disrupt a family’s life. In modular building, delays and cost overruns are minimal since production cannot be slowed by weather, contractor no-shows or missing materials. Our skilled craftsmen and local builders can construct your home in a third of the time involved in traditional on-site construction ensuring that the cost of your home is certain.

Superior custom features and flexibility

In addition to a home that is ready faster and made stronger, greater control over the construction process means superb quality. Third party inspections are performed throughout factory construction. Your modular home is also better because it’s always exactly what you want. Your design options are virtually limitless and with modular construction, you can add living space to your home quickly and easily at any time. As your family grows, your home can grow with it.

Simple timely process

Step One: Plan Approval Based On State And Local Codes
Step Two: System Engineered
Step Three: Site Improvements and Foundation Work Completed Based On State And Local Codes
Step Four: Modular Structure Transported To Site
Step Five: Modular Structure Is Craned And Assembled
Step Six: Modular Structure Is Finished